Weekend Stuff

Instead of shopping on Black Friday with all the crazy crowds, we decided to do some shopping on Saturday instead and it was awesome! We went at 9 a.m. and the mall was dead! Plus they had the same sale prices as they did on Black Friday. Win!

We went to Home Depot after and got our first tree together.

We had a fun afternoon decorating the tree, playing Christmas music, and eating our favorite chocolate orange ball.

The rest of the weekend was spent grocery shopping, bowling with some new friends, playing Scrabble, watching Elf, reading, baking and relaxing. It’s back to work today 😦


Weekend Stuff

Milo is loving the outdoors.

Saw this movie. Was very long and slow at some parts but overall really good.

Made something delicious with these cookies. Recipe to come tomorrow.

Had some of my mom’s homemade lasagna. To die for!

Celebrated my dad’s birthday.

And Jonathan and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. ❤

Weekend Stuff

It is our 3 year anniversary in a few weeks, so I got my boyfriend an early gift.  This espresso machine is awesome! Super easy to use and not too expensive.

My mom is leasing a gorgeous horse named Aladdin.  Jon and I went over to Woodside and got to meet him and take some photos.

It was a beautiful day and so fun petting the horses and feeding them apples.

We carved some pumpkins.

This was Jon’s. It was his first time carving a pumpkin too! My pumpkin didn’t turn out too great…I didn’t have the patience to trace it and it was a lot harder than I thought! I ended up cutting up my own design.  We set the pumpkins on the top of balcony to take pictures and then mine fell to the ground and broke into pieces! Until next year…

Weekend Stuff

Made my first Paleo pancake. 2 eggs and 1 banana. I added some stevia and cinnamon and some sunflower butter to top it off. So good.

Went to The Counter with some friends. We started with some beer and fried pickles.

You can design your own burger which is awesome. I got mine with brie, sauteed mushrooms, mixed greens, tomatoes, onions and a garlic aioli. It was amazing.  We all split the sweet potato fries and the regular fries.  The sweet potato fries were much better!

We also all split a caramel java malt.  Talk about food hangover…

I saw Taken 2. It was great! Action packed.

Made some delicious cookies. Recipe to come on Tuesday.

Wore my new J Crew flats.

Took some cute photos of Milo & Max.

Had taco night.

And had a slice of Trader Joe’s pumpkin cheesecake. It was so good!

I’m still full from this weekend.

Weekend Stuff

I saw Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean live! It was amazing.

This ice cream was found.  It has chunks of carrot cake in it! No words.

Wore my new Toms. Super comfy.

Had some turkey tacos.

Made a delicious treat out of these.  Recipe to come tomorrow.

Went shopping.

And had some delicious froyo.

Weekend Stuff & My Birthday

I had a fantastic birthday weekend.

My boyfriend and I went to downtown Santana Row. It’s a gorgeous little area with very expensive clothing stores and great places to eat.

Dinner was delicious!

To start…

I got the Mediterranean lettuce wraps.  They were so good!

Jon got the Teriyaki chicken.  It comes with this amazing grilled banana that is so sweet and caramelized.

I got the good ole’ New York cheesecake and Jon got the red velvet cheesecake.  Not pictured because we took it home and devoured it.

Sunday night we went over to my parents place to celebrate.  This was my 25 year old birthday cake! I felt like a kid again! 🙂 Thanks mom and dad!

I can never have to much cake.  Carrot cake & cheesecake!

A great birthday.

In other news…I made donuts (recipe coming tomorrow).

And Milo & Max are best buddies.

How was your weekend?

Weekend Stuff

I am back from Orange County!  I had an amazing time seeing my best friend who I have known since we were 18 months old!

We had a great time catching up.  We hadn’t seen each other in almost 9 years!

We went to the Huntington beach and the weather was so warm and perfect!

And had some of these.

I was sad to leave!

I had this bar at the airport.  So good!  I have never tried this flavor before.

How was your weekend?!

Weekend Stuff

Technically it’s still the weekend since it’s Labor day but this is my weekend highlights.

I stocked up.

Saw Jim Gaffigan live.  He was hilarious.  If you haven’t heard of him, YouTube him now!  He talks about food and that’s why I love him.  The winery was gorgeous too!

I finally got a heart rate monitor!  The Polar FT40.  It’s super simple and easy to use.  This was the results from my Turbofire workout.  OH yeah.

We had friends over for dinner and had gin & tonic’s and tacos.  YUM.

I watched The Lucky One on DVD.  Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it!  My expectations weren’t high to begin with but it was super cute, cheesy and entertaining.  I would recommend it if your bored on a Friday night.

I made 3 ingredient pumpkin cookies.  Recipe to come soon.

I also made these delicious 3 ingredient Nutella brownies.  Recipe can be found here.

Try these with some vanilla ice cream.

Oh and Max broke my camera screen…guess I’ll have to get a new camera now!  Darn…

Overall, a good weekend.  How was your Labor day weekend??

Back to work tomorrow 😦