Holiday Favorites

Can you believe it’s Christmas eve?! Today I will be heading over to my parents house for a delicious Christmas Eve dinner (tacos) and I will be spending the night so I can wake up Christmas morning for pastries and gifts! Can’t wait!

I took this fun holiday survey from Julie.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Favorite Holiday Cookie

Chocolate chip. Is that holiday?

Favorite Holiday Movie

The Holiday


Favorite Holiday Tradition

Opening 1 gift on Christmas eve. Or going to the movies Christmas day.

Favorite Holiday Breakfast

The marzipan butter ring from a bakery in Santa Barbara. Amazing!


Favorite Holiday Meal

This year we are having prime rib which is going to be delicious!


Favorite Person to Shop For

My boyfriend. He’s so easy to please!


Favorite Way to Open Presents

Everyone has to take turns!


Favorite Tree Topper

Good ole’ star on top.


Favorite Holiday Song

Chestnuts Roasting on An Open Fire


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