Weekend Stuff

Instead of shopping on Black Friday with all the crazy crowds, we decided to do some shopping on Saturday instead and it was awesome! We went at 9 a.m. and the mall was dead! Plus they had the same sale prices as they did on Black Friday. Win!

We went to Home Depot after and got our first tree together.

We had a fun afternoon decorating the tree, playing Christmas music, and eating our favorite chocolate orange ball.

The rest of the weekend was spent grocery shopping, bowling with some new friends, playing Scrabble, watching Elf, reading, baking and relaxing. It’s back to work today 😦


9 thoughts on “Weekend Stuff

  1. Cute tree — you look adorable next to it! Love the picture of your kitties under the tree too. I still have yet to get a tree since getting my cats. Plus, I’m usually traveling during the holidays, so I usually enjoy a tree back home in Michigan. I really want a little one this year though, but I’m nervous about my two very curious cats. They both like to climb too. How are your kitties handling the tree so far?

    • This is their first time with an Xmas tree and they are doing so well. The sleep under it constantly, drink out of the stand, and play with ornaments once in a while. It’s super cute to watch! No climbing though. I would get a tree, you & your cats will love it!

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