Weekend Stuff

Technically it’s still the weekend since it’s Labor day but this is my weekend highlights.

I stocked up.

Saw Jim Gaffigan live.  He was hilarious.  If you haven’t heard of him, YouTube him now!  He talks about food and that’s why I love him.  The winery was gorgeous too!

I finally got a heart rate monitor!  The Polar FT40.  It’s super simple and easy to use.  This was the results from my Turbofire workout.  OH yeah.

We had friends over for dinner and had gin & tonic’s and tacos.  YUM.

I watched The Lucky One on DVD.  Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it!  My expectations weren’t high to begin with but it was super cute, cheesy and entertaining.  I would recommend it if your bored on a Friday night.

I made 3 ingredient pumpkin cookies.  Recipe to come soon.

I also made these delicious 3 ingredient Nutella brownies.  Recipe can be found here.

Try these with some vanilla ice cream.

Oh and Max broke my camera screen…guess I’ll have to get a new camera now!  Darn…

Overall, a good weekend.  How was your Labor day weekend??

Back to work tomorrow 😦


8 thoughts on “Weekend Stuff

  1. I love making pumpkin cookies! I actually made Joy the Baker’s Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies today for an activity I’m going to tomorrow night — my sister was my taste tester and she LOVED them. Pumpkin is just the best. Period. 😉

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