15 Questions

Favorite ice cream flavor?  Hard to choose!  I love coffee, vanilla bean and cookies & cream.

Favorite dessert? Cake & ice cream.

Favorite meal? Cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate milk shake. Duh.

What did you major in?  Broadcast journalism.  I loved my major but I could not find a job after college in it!

Who is your best friend? My mom.  I can tell her anything.  We talk every day no matter what.  Luckily, she only lives a half hour away.

Do you have any siblings? Yes, I have a brother who is 17.  He is growing up too fast!

Single or taken?  Taken.  I met my boyfriend in college and we both had the same major.  We will have been together 3 years in November.

Favorite TV shows? Too many to name! I could not survive without my DVR! Dexter, True Blood, Fashion Police, So You Think You Can Dance, Tosh.0, Family Guy, Top Chef, Man vs. Food, My Cat From Hell, lots of Bravo shows…..

Where have you traveled?  Not much!  I really want to go to Italy next year though!  I have traveled to Mexico on a cruise and to Texas (where my bf is from). 

Do you work out?  Yes, even though I’ve never been a huge lover of exercise.  (Nutrition is more my thing.) I am currently doing Turbofire and I love it!  I was so bored at the gym and Turbofire has made me love working out again.

Currently reading?  The last book of 50 shades.  Lame, I know.  But I also just finished Gone Girl which was really good.

Pets? My bf and I just got a kitten about a month ago named Max.  He’s a handful but we are completely in love with him.  At my parent place, they have 3 cats.  Peaches, Sugar & Jake.  I grew up with them and miss them so.

Hobbies? Reading, blogging, watching moves, shopping (is that a hobby?)

Mac or PC? MAC!

Staples in your kitchen?  Avocado’s, peanut butter, oats, almond milk, cheese, sour cream.

Past jobs? I have worked at Old Navy, a kids birthday place (Pump It Up), hostessed at many restaurants and I have also worked at a weight loss/nutritional store.  Currently working in catering.


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